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Billi Dee Brown's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-06-09 08:06
Subject:Party of the Year
Mood: chipper

The summer scavenger hunt we had over the weekend was awesome! We were so nervous that it wouldn't work out since we both had never been on one or even hosted one. But everyone showed up on time and really excited to play....it was total chaos at first but once everyone was on the road it was just so much fun.

Everyone raced to get back on time and had all the pictures and stuff they had to collect. Everyone was just so happy, excited, and somewhat drunk. The pictures are hilarious. They had to do everything from doing the hustle on a street corner, streaking, drinking, and bringing back live insects and porn. Surprisingly, most teams did everything. There was a total of 10 teams. After announcing the winner around midnight or so.....the party got better.

There was a huge graduation party going on behind us, so it was loud. Some kid from another party streaked through the house, there was pantless hackey sack, wrestling, and just a lot of laughing. People are still thanking us today for having such a good time.


...back to work :(

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Date:2004-05-27 13:32
Subject:Like the Movies
Mood: thoughtful

What's with the weather this week? It's all this rain supposed to happen in April. Damn. Just give us the sun to play in. Lately when the sun comes out it's like, it's weird there's this thing in the sky that's really bright. I mean the temp is nice, but it's just blah out.

I swear when I get my new car I am going to just take off one day. Not forever...just for a couple of days. Just get in and drive far west or deep south. Just get out...that feeling of freedom.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
-Ferris Bueller

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Date:2004-05-18 07:30
Mood: tired

Ew.....work. What a rough time I had getting out of bed this morning. I seriously thought it was Saturday and shut my alarm off. Good thing I woke up right on time...whew!

I watched a show last night on National Geographic called Taboo: Cures (I think). Anyways, it was about taboo methods of curing medical illnesses. How graphic and scary! One man boiled the bone of baboon and drank it, then blew into the mouth of a live chicken. Then killed the chicken and pretty much performed a autopsy on it. The worst was the maggots. This very obese woman from Kansas City had an absess on her stomach and the flesh was just rotting. I swear it looked like someone took an ax to her belly the wound was so big and infected. They put maggots all over the wound and taped it up for 48 hours. When they removed the bandage the wound was cleaned of any green and black flesh and the maggots were tripled in size. PUKE! Then I went to bed. Nice dreams I had.

I may write again later....but for now I'm enjoying my S'mores pop tarts.

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Date:2004-05-17 14:35

What a long week already and it's only Monday. Sheesh! I got a new dog last weekend. I saved her from the shelter...I'm her hero. She's a terrier mix, she's got the strong build of a pit bull and the face and ears of a german shepard. She's so sweet and really loveable. My boyfriend and I named her Ella Olive. We couldn't decide which one we liked better and decided on both. We call her Ella for short. I never pictured myself purchasing dried pig ears, nice.

The electronic fest is coming up! I'm not too hyped about it this year since last year kind of sucked. Oh well the weather so far this year is much better than it was at this time last year. I'm loving the sun.

Big plans....big plans.

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Date:2004-04-19 15:53
Subject:Remember Me?
Mood: anxious

Man I don't know why I forgot all about updating my journal especially since I sit BORED at work everyday.

Life is good. I'm happy, fulfilled, busy, playful and full of energy. Change is good and I have made plenty. I'm now in a serious relationship that occupies most all of my time. I have a cat, a fish tank, new clothes, new hairstyle, a house that is being repaired and sun in the sky. I find myself complimenting others and more helpful to people around me. I can't get enough. I hope this lasts a looooong time cause it feels great.

Besides that, work still sucks. It's not so much that it sucks...I'm just really really bored all the time. It does give me time to get some errands done, but other than that. I need a change in my career pathing. No more computer support or IT departments. Yuck. I was looking into culinary art school but we'll see what comes along.

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Date:2003-12-01 22:26
Subject:Hopefully A Better Month!
Mood: sleepy

Man could November be any worse? Talk about bad luck. Between my car breaking down not once...not twice...but three times be any worse? How awful it is driving in fear. I've been so good to my Jeep but I guess she's just getting old. After $1300 she seems to be working better...but for how long? I think it's time for a new car.

Work sucks too, and money...but the personal life is going well.

My time is occupied by a certain someone who (to me) is the coolest person I've ever met. I just can't get enough...let's hope it'll last.

I've been enjoying myself by decorating for the holidays and keeping my house warm. I seriously need to redorate upstairs after my last party. I thought it would be a good idea to let my friends write on the walls considering I was going to refinish anyways...but what sucks is that a majority of my friends wrote or drew cool shit on the walls. It was the people I didn't know that wrote shit like "you shouldn't wrtte on walls" -then why the fuck did you? I must admit that there is some cool art on the walls...Kristine H. and Marc T. for examples. I kinda want to save them.

Well as always...it's time for bed.

My high for today...I worked out for the first time in a month and it felt good.
My low...I did bills.

Love you all...I love dot dot dots...can you tell?

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Date:2003-10-22 13:52
Subject:Well hello!!!
Mood: anxious

I've been practically kicked in the ass for not updating. Always lots to talk about. Been enjoying my house on my limited funds. Cooking a lot, playing guitar, watching movies, listening to music, being with friends and making new ones. I got a new cat that I named Benny...he's pretty cool. Likes to hide though and is scared around others.

Getting ready for Halloween. I decorated my porch up a little and I can't wait to carve pumpkins and pass out candy. I have a couple of Halloween parties to goto but can't think of any costumes yet. I may or may not dress up. Depends.

Well I'll try to keep updating!

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Date:2003-05-17 19:49
Subject:Yo Yo Yo
Mood: happy

Hi! Yeah it's finally warming up outside and I can finally do yard work! Been working on my yard ALOT!!! Weeding, digging, fertizling, planting, killing, and it still looks like shit. I have to completely kill the front lawn cause it's all weeds and no grass. Then I have to start all over and grow new grass. What a bitch that is gonna be to do.

Went to the Tigers game last night and had a blast!!! It was so much fun. We lost but the Pistons won!! Woo hoo....I think we might make it!

Other than that it's house work, work, gym, and play.....always.

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Date:2003-04-21 15:37
Mood: bored

Yeah it's been awhile since I've been able to write anything. Been busy. Just got back from Vegas last week. Awesome place...always something to do and see. Won money, spent more money, drank, shopped, ate fine food, and relaxed by the pool. Man, that was a much needed vacation, but wasn't long enough.

I've still got a ton of stuff to look forward to though. Summer is coming, I got concerts to see, DEMF, canoeing, weddings. Before I know it, it'll be Fall....nooooo.

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Date:2003-03-03 13:27
Mood: energetic


I'm so excited, I'm going to see Coldplay tonight at the Fox Theatre. I'm going to the pre-party at the State Bar, and I took off work tomorrow morning so that I can have some fun. I haven't been to a really good concert in awhile. Found out some close friends are also going so we're all gonna meet up before and after the show.

Saw the Orbit Suns play at the Tap Room over the weekend which was cool. The lead singer is the lead singer for Sponge, but the music is almost "twangy" if that's the word for it. Very fun.

Bought some DVD's yesterday and a CD at Best Buy. I bought "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and Jack Johnson's CD "Brushfire Fairytales" which is great. Totally Sublime meets Ben Harper. Actually come to find out today that Ben Harper actually plays guitar on some of the tracks. Awesome ****

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Date:2003-02-26 09:37
Subject:Check Me Out....
Mood: cheerful

Hey Hey Hey! Been feeling good lately....sorta. I'm on my 3rd week of working out at my new gym at a minimum of 3 tp 4 times a week....NO LESS!!! I'm seeing some results. I've lost 2 lbs, which isn't bad cause I know that it takes time to lose real fat and not just water weight.

Had a hell of a time in Windsor last Friday. I went over to have dinner and drinks with Steve and Shaun from my work. Ended up losing my wallet at the end of the night and was stuck in Canada forever! It sucked. Good thing is I found my wallet the next morning at the bar I was at. Never again! Some people just aren't worth it.

My good friend Danny is in a band called the Smarties and he gave me a copy of their new CD before it's release in a month, and it kicks ass! I'm really amazed how great it is. Very punk, very cool. They have some unedited MP3's on their website http://thesmarties.netfirms.com which dont sound as good as their master copies that I heard, but you'll get the point. They are playing a show at the Tap Room soon which I don't plan to miss.

Planning a trip to Vegas also with my best friend Jessica. She has NEVER been on a vacation outside of Michigan so she is really excited. We plan on going for 3 nights in April. Yeah! I need a vacation so bad too. I'd prefer a weeks vacation in Hawaii, but that's not gonna happen.

Till then....

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Date:2003-02-13 22:40
Subject:What the hell is going on?
Mood: confused

Hi....how are ya? Me? Doing OK.

Updated my personal info today. I think it needed a boost and some cleaning up. Found that some of my interests had expired.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......joined a gym last Saturday and I have been working out everyday since. I love it. Cause the program I am on requires me to work out at a minimum of 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day, and in that 30 minutes is a tough full body work out. I plan on going at least 4-5 days a week. I'm hoping by summer I'll be in great shape. I've never been a completely fit person, but I've always worked a little bit at a time to keep at the size I am at. I come from a family of large women and terrified of becoming one. My poor sister was in semi good shape then became a mom and is now very large. I feel bad but she makes no effort to do something about. She's looking for the get thin quick method which doesn't exist. But as I was saying....I feel that if I can accompolish quitting smoking for a year now (yeah), managing my own home on my own, that my next big goal is to really get in shape so that I can cross it off my list by June. I'm 9 pounds overweight, but on top of that I want some tone so I've been doing free weights, machines, and cardio all in one workout. I'M DETERMINED!!!! I need to do this for myself and no one else.

Started working on my house again. Started on the upstairs which is becoming a bitch to work with. I started to popcorn the ceiling with is super messy and is getting all over the place. With all due time this place will be awesome. May take a year...but I've got plenty of time right?

I've been having some extremely boring days and weeks....bored.....and almost desperate for excitement. Then yesterday some things changed a little....for others...not me of course.

1. My best friend called to tell me that after 9 years she is FINALLY getting her braces off....poor thing had them on forever! A definite cause for celebration!
2. Two 8th graders at my old junior high got caught having sex in science class! Poor Mrs. Presto!
3. Found out that two of my old friends from school are getting married this year. Great now I'm the last one...as always!
4. Got a call from a friend informing me that my ex's best friend/roommate who is also engaged has been stalking (more like calling at all hours of the night and stopping by in the middle of the night)....I knew he was up to something but ignored him and his calls....and this happening since about new year's.

5. AND my mom called last night to tell me that she got a fucking FACE LIFT yesterday.

This all in one day! DAMN!

Somebody please come and rescue me....I need it badly. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I've never celebrated it with any of my ex's cause never felt a need to. As it's just a day to say "oh yeah I love you, here's a teddy bear and some flowers." I'd always prefer a six pack and a big kiss. For soem odd reason this year I have this stupid feeling that I wish I had a valentine...it's so stupid...but maybe it's because I've been single now for 8 months. Don't get me wrong I like my freedom of being single....but sometimes I just want a hug...ugh I'm a dork.

Good night!

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Date:2003-01-30 11:34
Mood: happy

Well I guess you could say I'm feeling pretty good about myself lately. Considering that my freakin nose is chapped and I look like a clown or better yet a lush! Or well that shit will heal. I've been eating pretty good, no fast food, and really low or almost no carbs at all except for beer on the weekends (that's a must!). I've also started tanning again (not the face...very bad), and lightly working out 3 times a week. I can't wait until it warms up so I can start running again. Let's hope I keep it up, cause now is the time to start.

Been listening to the Beatles a lot. Haven't listen to them in a loooong time.

Well I haven't much else to say. I'm going to my friends house tonight to hang out, drink, watch the game and get my birthday present! Yeah!

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Date:2003-01-28 14:04
Subject:26 ALREADY!!!
Mood: satisfied

Well my birthday was OK, it could have been better if I wasn't suckered into going to Canada. I think I would have had more fun if I stayed in Detroit. I still had fun, it was just that the bar we went to was really cheesy, so I had to keep drinking in order to have fun.

Sunday was a kick ass day! I went to the Post in Auburn Hills and hung out with a bunch of the Red Wings at their VIP party. Free everything, and I got all their autographs. Well most of them. It really made my weekend. I could have keep going all night, but I had to be at work early on Monday (figures!).

I think this weekend will be good too cause I'm gonna try to get some people to goto the Towne Pump on Saturday since I was recovering all last Saturday. That place is great...we'll see.

Work is good, home is good, friends are good, family is good, and I'm good......peace out!

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Date:2003-01-17 10:51
Mood: content

I'm almost forgetting to update my journal. Probably because it has been ridiculously busy at work, so busy that it's pissing people off and creating a bad atmosphere. Thank goodness it's Friday, I am soooo happy. The only downfall is I know that eventually I will have to come back to work. I'm so desperate for another job, cause lately I don't feel very secure in my position. With everything going on, I feel that I am totally expendable and to be honest that's scary cause there isn't any available in the job market...or at least that I can find. Things gotta definitely change....how and when.....I don't know.

On a more exciting note I ordered Coldplay tickets this morning and better yet....I'm ordering tickets to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds play an acoustic set in April at Central Michigan University....YEAH! I love Dave.....but $$$$$$$$$$$ to see him. Oh well....he's totally worth it. This will be my 6th time seeing him.

I've gotten a lot of people together to go out to dinner for my birthday next Friday. Then we're going to the Nizbit in Windsor, then bar hopping in Windsor, casino, then I got a hotel room to pass out in. Should be fun...even if the bars suck at least I got my friends there. This weekend, no big plans. Tonight I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, tomorrow is bar, Sunday is movies. Then no plans for the holiday. I like having nothing to do sometimes....

Spent my $50 gift certificate to Record Time.
Queens of the Stone Age - KICKS ASS
Red Hot Chili Peppers new one - SUCKS ASS
Used copy of Nirvana / Nevermind - ALWAYS GOOD
Best of Caffine Records - GOOD
Another copy of DMB / Crash cause I lost my other one - BEST EVER!!!

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Date:2003-01-06 13:47
Mood: blah

Whoa, I need to slow down on the shopping! I've been spending money like it's water lately. I had better chill out especially since I found out I have to pay months rent for January cause I never gave them 30 day notice before moving out....BULLSHIT! I'm so happy to be done with apartment living. FINALLY!

My weekend was OK. Fell asleep on Friday night till about midnight....oops! Then I woke up to my phoen ringing again cause Nikki was getting off work and wanted to goto a bar. Sorry Nikki, but I declined...way too tired to get up. Saturday I got up early and went shopping for some birthday gifts and myself :). Saturday night I went to Club FT's with Kevin, Nathan, and Eric. It was alright. Sunday my neices birthday party, then I went to the show with Nathan, Kristen, Mark and Brian to see "Gangs of New York." Which was really good I thought, a little bit too long, but good. Very controversal. Then sleepy.

Back to work today....UGH. That's all I gotta say about that.

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Date:2003-01-03 06:47
Subject:Happy New Year's!!!!
Mood: happy

I think I'm in the clear as far as work is concerned, or at least until my next one on one. We'll see.

Anyways, my party was kick ass! A ton of people showed up between 1030 and midnight. I had so much fun and I hope everyone else did. I feel bad for I didn't get to talk to a lot of people there, cause I was floating around so much. But nothing got trashed or anything, just really messy. The last person left around 530-6AM. Awesome party I think. I also have a ton of alcohol that people left there too. I have about 4 bottles of unopened champagne, 12 pack of Amstel Light, 24 pack of Labatt Blue Light, and some random bottles of beer. Sweet!

I can't wait for my next one....coming soon. Ha!

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Date:2002-12-27 08:49
Subject:I'm Scared I'm Gonna Get Fired!
Mood: worried

Ugh, I'm totally fretting facing my TL when we return from break. Cause I called in sick on Monday cause I had a serious case of the stomach flu. I'm scared cause I'm in trouble for missing so much unscheduled time at work (which is BS cause of low queue), but there is no way that I could have come into work feeling that way. Ugh....why does this shit happen to me. I can't wait for the new year. If I get in trouble for that I'm gonna shit.

Five years I've been with this company and since I've been on this desk it seems my performance has gone downhill. This micromanage thing they got going on here is not adaptable. For the past 4 1/2 years I've never been so closely watch by management. Look, I'm an adult I know my job, I do my job, and I do it right. I don't think I deserve to be treated this way. Some people are NEVER here, yet seem to have such a clean record. Favortism? I dunno, I just don't see why I'm being treated like a fuck up when I'm not.

Anyways, I had a very nice Christmas with the family. We celebrated at my sister's new house down the street from me. So many people and too much food. We had pierogies, ham, deep fried turkey, and sooooooooooo much more. I brought a lot home with me.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT MY NEW YEAR'S PARTY!!!! If you need to get a hold of me just respond to this and I'll give you my number and address. I'm not publically posting it. This party better be bad ass....if not, Ima make it bad ace!

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Date:2002-12-19 13:58
Mood: curious

Booooring. Today is sooo slow, but I've been keeping myself going by joking around with the people around me. We had a luncheon here at work today and of course it was awful, a bunch of strangers brought together by some nasty catered food and uncomfortable work conversations. No thanks. Good thing I had left overs and a separate room to eat in. Nothing worse than trying to eat and talk to someone you haven't seen in years. "Wow haven't seen you in awhile Billi....what you been up to?" As I try to finish eating my bite of food..."uh, not much." I've never been good with small talk. Oh well it's over.

I'm nervous cause I am going on a date tonight with an old friend from way back in the day. He ran into someone I knew and they gave him my number. So we are gonna go out tonight and he was always trouble, so I'm hoping that he has changed. We'll see. If not, I'm good at say NO! LOL.....bye

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Date:2002-12-17 13:00
Mood: chipper

Ha Ha Ha....funny story. Yesterday I went back to my apartment to clean out the fridge and get some other stuff. I packed everything up in the back of my Jeep and I was pulling away my hatch did not close all the way. So the huge garbage can full of condiments and other shit spilled out and broke all over the apartment parking lot. I'm talking pop fizzing all over the place, mayo everywhere, butter rolling down the hill....it was a big ass mess. Totally embarrassed I stopped and started to clean up the mess and some little kid came out to help me cause he felt bad. Yeah...it sucked. It's funny now, but it wasn't when it happened.

Well that's about it, trying to get the holiday shopping done and the house together.

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